Portrait of a Mentor

Time for the second portrait of the week! This one is of a woman who's training one of the main characters in this dungeon:

Sprite by Fred
I wanted to try out a bit more anime-like style for this one, so I went to pixiv to find 10000 references! It's pretty cool when you start painting things in ways that feel "wrong" (cause it's not how you're used to doing it), and it ends up looking a lot different to the art you normally do:


Line Art

Color Blocking




Finished Sprite
This time around, the hair is a bit too red! I wanted to make the hair closer to what it's like on the sprite at first, but it really ended up looking messy next to the text box (too many shades of brown). So I'll either tone it down a bit later, or change to colors of the character sprite instead - we'll see!
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