Shop Titles

Remember this little area in the second Tai Ming zone?

As you might have guessed (and as I might have mentioned), these are a bunch of shops that you'll be able to shop at while adventuring in Tai Ming. There will be a blacksmith which sells swords, armors and shields, a potion shop, a hat shop and an accessory shop! The fish carpet is just for show, and won't have any use for the player, much like Haddock's shop in Evergrind City :)

Right now these shops will carry the same items that can be found in Evergrind during and after the festival, as you'll go straight from there to these maps (after exploring Mount Bloom for a bit, of course). In the future we might add new stuff to these shops, but right now they're mainly there so you don't have to travel all the way back to Evergrind City if you need new supplies!

Anyway! Since you'll be able to shop here, these stores needed their own title interface:

Hopefully you can guess which interface belongs to which shop...! :D
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