Tai Ming Boss Planning: The Giant Worm

Since me and Teddy went to Stockholm unexpectedly and left Fred to his own devices for a bit more than a week, it was high time to get together at our favorite fast food place and make a new plan for some upcoming Tai Ming things!

Zone01 is nearing completion - or at least, we're implementing more and more of it as I type this. There are still some things for all of us to do: a couple more NPC's to be added, another cutscene or two to play out, etc... But, as we're coming closer to Zone02, it's always a good idea to make new lists of things needed for that area, and so today we talked about every single cutscene and main story element that need an animation or new graphics of some sort!

Of course, there's another super important part of Zone02 that couldn't be ignored for longer - the second boss of the dungeon!

This boss is based on the enemy seen above, a cave worm of sorts. Only it'll be a loooot bigger!

The worm will have 3 main attacks, which are detailed in Swedish (and masterfully illustrated) in the images above and below. 

Attack #1: The worm dives underground, leaving part of his body visible while he digs his way ahead. He'll then surface and dive again, kind of like a dolphin, only everytime he surfaces more of his body will be visible. You'll take damage both from the worm diving onto you, but also from his spiked body if you touch it. However, you can still hit him while he does this, so if you're careful you can get some nice damage in during this attack!

Attack #2: The worm surfaces head first, and spits a bunch of the regular enemy worms at you. These will damage you on impact, and will bounce once on the floor before they resume the regular enemy worm-pattern and become an additional obstacle on the playfield. 

Attack #3: The worm uses his tail to whip you, dealing damage if you get hit!

Special: We're not 100% sure about this yet, but hopefully it'll be cool! So, after you've dealt enough damage, the worm will summon another worm to the playfield, making the challenge twice as hard! Double the boss, double the fun, right...? :)
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  1. Being a worm, it could be bisected and still live. Maybe the worm boss, after taking enough damage splits into two smaller worms? So not only does the boss double, but it could be smaller (making it harder to hit when it does its dolphin dive attack because there is a shorter time frame to hit it), and have a faster attack cycle? idk. Running with your idea of the Special! Ideas~

    1. That would actually be awesome. I second this. I'd even go this far that once the boss split into two smaller worms it'll continue splitting into even smaller versions and then one last time into regular cave worms. ;)