Time Travel Flashbacks

Since the theme for this dungeon is time travel, it's a given that you'll be travelling back and forth in time. However, we also want there to be "flashbacks" here and there, which are segments of the storyline from the past that is shown to you in the present. For these "flashbacks", you don't travel back in time per se, but get to view something in the past as it unfolds.

So today we've been playing around with a couple different effects for these flashback windows, if you will. We're currently focusing on the color setting - we want the flashback to feel kind of old-looking, so we're looking into faded colors or sepia filters.

Here are some of our tests:

01: "Sepia Color"

02: Faded Colors

03: Grayscale

04: Sepia-Tinted

05: Sepia Colored version 2 (more contrast)

Okay, so these tests aren't 100% accurate since I turned them into GIFs first, but you get a pretty decent idea of what they would look like! As you can see, there's a cool effect to the characters as well, which we're pretty excited about (but as with everything, it's subject to change).

My personal favorite is the 5th one, but we're also into number 1! What do you guys think? :)
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  1. Im no artist, but I like 1. 5 is really cool too, a close second!

  2. I really like the sepia tone from 5 but I prefer the pink trees from 4 xD.