A new enemy...!

Okay! Time to introduce our new heavy tank enemy!! I'm super excited about this guy, who serves as an echo to Tai Ming's violent past, where some hardcore shit went down! So, not only does he make our enemy encounters way more fun, he also helps establish the theme and feel of the dungeon overall. Very happy about that. Hopefully we can add more cool stuff like this :)

Here he is:

Attack mode!
These are all super WIP, and for now he only has one attack, which is a kind of dash. Our goal is for him to do a ton of damage if he actually hits you, and that he'll follow you around more than the other enemies so you'll kind of have to deal with him. Here's a few encounters with him:

Look how he's chasing me away from the other enemies, and distracting me so I get hit by the burrowing worm! These fights definitely work a lot better with this guy around :)
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1 comment:

  1. I like the design of the new enemy. It also looks like he'll make this encounter plenty challenging, especially when attempting to avoid the worms. :)