Another Mixed Bag

Throwing in another mixed bag, cause there's a lot of random things I need to fix, haha! First up, adding a door to the cave in the upper left part of Tai Ming's second zone: 

Yes, it's a wooden door leading into a cave... And you'll have to unlock it to progress :D
Inside is gonna be a challenge of some sort, likely involving the phase shift mechanics. We haven't gotten around to designing it yet since we focus on the first zone right now :)

Next up, we wanted to make the chest a bit different in the past than they are in the present. And we thought, wouldn't it be cool if the chests used to be painted, and they're brown nowadays because the colors faded over time and now everyone believes chests should be brown cause that's how they're used seeing them? Kind of like the ancient statues of our time: we're used to the white ancient statues with cut-off limbs, when in fact they were intact and actually painted in the old days!

Anyways, I made a bunch of suggestions, with the corresponding Collector Emblem to go with them (the far left one is the original chest):

We're probably gonna go for the purple one, since we liked that one the best! We really liked the black and red ones as well, but we think it's best to stick with one :)

Next up, recoloring this guy, so his skin color matches his sprite better:

... aaand adding a small fence blocking you from entering the garden in the past:

And finally, adding another version of this old character:

The left one will be in his slightly younger days, and the right one is for when you've progressed the story a bit, meaning a bunch of years have gone by in the past... :)
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  1. How about using different colors of chests? In some games, there's one color for "normal" chests and another one for "rare" chests. Like in Breath of Fire (or Lufia), there are normal red chests , and blue chests for key items.

    In Grindea, there could be different colors for armors/weapons, misc items/money and key items etc.

  2. I thought there already were chests for different rarity items? Forgive me if I'm being a numpty.

    1. I really like the black chest, it's so nice. Perhaps each temple could have different coloured chests?