Boss Portrait: Undead Priestess

Remember this old lady?

Of course you do, you've probably seen the boss WIPs I uploaded of the battle you'll have against her! Well, it wouldn't be a boss battle without a proper boss introduction, so today I went ahead and prepared it!

First up, deciding her pose! I made a few different sketches based on my own as well as my colleagues ideas: 

#1 - Raised hand

#2 - Outstretched arm

#3 - Clutching the fan

In the end we decided to go with #2, the one with the outstretched arm. The first one felt a bit too much martial arts-y or reluctant, and I felt like it would look weird clutching a fan the way she does in #3.

For those of you who just wanna see the progress, here's the GIF: 

As a first step, I open the dialogue portrait file and import the sketch I made underneath it:

I then reduce the opacity of the sketch and start painting line art on top of it: 

Next up, I fill in the base colors needed:

And the step after that is, as usual in my progress, adding shadows:

 ...then there's highlights:

Finally, adding details and patterns: 

 And here's the completed sprite! Now all that's remaining is her proper name and subtitle :)
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