Design Meeting: Tai Ming Drops & Cards

The other day, as we happily worked on finishing up Tai Ming's first zone, feeling like there's not that much stuff left now.... We realized we forgot about the enemy drops.


Since we needed to eat anyway, we decided to head to our favorite fast food place and have a bit of a design meeting, discussing what kind of items we wanted the enemies to drop, and what stuff you could possibly build with it!

If you want the drops, what you can build with them and what the card effects will be to remain a surprise, don't keep reading!

You sure? Okay, well here's what we came up with:

The shadowy, katana-wielding figure (Echo of Madness) will drop a random item called 'fabric of time', and a two-handed katana weapon! Of course, the enemies typically have 4 drops, but we decided to save a slot or two for each of the enemies so there's room for other items we might come up with when we've progressed further in the story. It's card will grant you some armor penetration, meaning you'll do more damage on tanky enemies.

The Ancient Statues will drop Ancient Rocks (random drop), a Statue Face mask (be a statue! wohoo!), and a Magical Core (another random drop). It's card will increase your defense.
The Monkey will drop bananas (which you can craft into a banana hat), fur, and monkey ears! A monkey face mask will be available for one of the Tai Ming achievements in Arcade Mode. This card will increase the droprate of food-related items!

The Thorn-Worms will drop teeth, spikes and dirt. The teeth and/or the spikes will be used to craft armor, and the dirt may or may not have a later use, we're still discussing upcoming side-quest potential there. The Thorn-Worm card will add a chance that enemies who attack you (either by damaging you or hitting the shield) will take a small amount of damage.

The plant-thingy (Plantae Hostilis) will drop lettuce, flowers and dandelions, which together will craft a shield with a special ability. This card will grant you more EP!

When hitting the bamboo's, there a chance they will drop bamboo parts as well, which you'll be able to use in crafting a fancy one-handed bamboo sword!
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