Expressions, #1

Moving on, no zone is complete without the NPCs getting a few expressions. And with this dungeon being incredibly NPC and story heavy, it's even more true in this case!

So, first up, Zhamla Meer - a young, bright kid who just wants to have fun, but who may not get quite what he wants....

...because of his very stern adoptive father, Sizou! This old man has taken care of Zhamla since he was a baby, and has very high hopes for his ward:

Zhamla can take solace in the fact that he has a true friend in this girl though, who is Tessen, Sizou's biological granddaughter! Zhamla and Tessen are growing up together and are the best of friends. So, there's still some fun to be had even with a stern mentor/grandpa looking over your shoulder! 

What will their story be? How will it continue over the years as they grow up? What does it all have to do with the dungeon and the artefact you're looking for? Well.... You'll just have to play and see! :D
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  1. Seems kind of a shame that Farmah got renamed to Zhamla in the flying fortress. A surprise reveal that this nice, innocent looking kid turned out to be the guy who destroyed the world would've been cool.

    1. That would indeed have been cool, however we're going for a slightly different approach which will hopefully make sense as you make your way through the dungeon :3