Mixed Bag

Time for another mixed bag! There will be plenty more of these as we finish up the first Tai Ming map and get it ready to add it to frontline - lots of small thing to add or edit!

First up, we finally came up with a boss name for the priestess you'll be facing:

Cursed Priestess - Watcher of a Town Forgotten! Her real name? Well... Maybe you'll figure it out after playing through the dungeon!

Next, I edited a bunch of portraits! First, this guy, who got a bit of a nose job:

Then, I added eyebrows to this girl, as whenever she was talking I was like "wow.. it looks like she shaved her eyebrows off", although the idea was that the eyebrows are hidden by her bangs... Sometimes what is supposedly 'correct' just looks weird!

Next, we decided to color swap the priests and their apprentices, since when we started working on the dungeon, they were all collector-colored (blue and yellow) as we thought they were in fact the original collectors. When we developed the story further, we changed our minds and decided that the priests and the collectors should be separated. For clarity, we thought changing the color of their outfits would be a good idea, and for now we're going with red (might change this around again later):

Finally, I realized something important was missing in the old woman's house. I mean, how would she be able to water all those plants without a watering can?! So, I went ahead and added one:

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