Mixed Bag

Time for another mixed bag! As I said, a ton of small fixes and edits going on here and there. First up in this post, this room here:

As we were playtesting, the lower left corner here felt really empty and weird to me, so I decided to add some more random stuff to balance it out:

On a similar note, we wanted to change some things around in this room as well:

Instead of having the four chests intact in the present, we thought it would be cooler if one of them had fallen apart, and another was opened. Just to mix things up a bit and create more of a disordered feeling:

We also decided to change the painters expression from his regular one to a more bored look, since painting fences, after all, ain't that much fun:

We also revisited the priests and changed their color around again, this time to brown, as we already had a lot of characters dressed in red, and brown feels like a better tie-in to the hooded Grindea priests still roaming the land in present day:

Finally, Teddy made another time warp effect:

While we liked the older one, it almost felt too 'fluid' and unepic. With this new one, you really get the sense of zoning between two different maps. We also like how the world kind of melts away, although it was pretty cool how the old one kind of merged the worlds together as well. For now, we're gonna stick with this new one, but we'll see what we end up with in the end!
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1 comment:

  1. I love the new effect! It's like the portal is tearing up the fabric of time. Amazing D: