Mixed Bag

Let's begin/end (depending on how you see it) this week with another mixed bag! Still plenty of small fixes to do here and there while Teddy implements multiplayer for everything.

First up, background images for the menu and enemy codex:

Next, adjusting older Zhamla's nose to fit better with the style of the others:

We've also played around with adding memories/ghosts here and there and Tai Ming's present version. These eerie figures will appear here and there across the maps and fade away if you get too close:

We also needed to make some adjustments to the fence in the beginning of the zone, as we've added the painter who moves across the fence as you progress the story. As such, we needed two different unpainted fences, one where he has barely started on the left side, and one where he has gotten much further: 

We also decided to improve the upper part of the map:

Right now where's only the one big rift in the ground, and we thought it looked a bit empty and random that way. So to fix the problem, we wanted to add more:

It looks a little better now - could probably use a few more, but we also want the area to be somewhat open so there can be enemies spawning!
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