More Enemy Testing!

As the title says, more enemy testing! This time around in proper encounters, rather than one of each. First up, one statue and three worms:

Two statues and two plant thingies! We changed the plants a bit so instead of having other plants spawning around them that deal damage, their seeds actually explode and deal damage on impact instead. We thought this worked better as it made the fight more intense as the seeds are about to land, rather than adding a minefield of plants you have to avoid while fighting everything else:

Two plant thingies, a worm and.... a brawler bot(?!):

Two worms, two plant thingies and... a yeti(?!?!?):

Okay, so I'm sure you're wondering, what is the brawler bot and yeti doing there?! Good question, my friend! Well, here's the truth. We weren't happy with the way the encounters played out! It felt like the enemies were all supporting characters, with nobody to be the star. Kind of.

Basically, all of the enemies here have either AOE attacks or movement/attack patterns that need you to mind your position, and they're not exactly super easy to hit - the worms are untargetable when they're burrowing, the statues can't get hit when they're mid-air, and the plant thingies deal damage from kind of far away. So just for fun we tried adding heavier enemy types that would soak up the damage, and found the encounters became a lot more fun, especially with a super tank like the yeti involved.

Of course, we're not gonna use the yeti itself, but instead we've decided to add another enemy that will have similar stats to the yeti but work differently! If you're following Fred or our official twitter, you've probably already seen a sneak-peek of what this new enemy is gonna look like - if not, you'll just have to wait another day or two and I'll show it off here in a post of it's own! :)
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