Cave Planning

There's still a lot of planning to be made for the next two Tai Ming zones, which means we need to have a lot of meetings! As always, we combine meetings and food, and this time we went to a new place - Mel's Diner, which serve what could be Gotland's most delicious hamburgers!

On the agenda this time was the locked cave I've mentioned in an earlier post, whjich will play an important role in the second zone. Previously, we just had a vague idea about it being a place to fight and solve a puzzle or two on your way to complete a quest leading you to the next part of the dungeon, but with this meeting, it's all fleshed out!

Basically, the cave has turned into a series of puzzle challenges of various types. Some involve time travelling, others don't - but the idea is that "hidden" inside the cave is a WIP 'Puzzle World', a place where the people of Tai Ming were supposed to be able to go to challenge themselves with some puzzles (after paying a hefty entry fee). 

Putting this area next to the graveyard might not have been the best marketing decision, of course.. Not the best place for something resembling a puzzle-themed amusement park! 

There will be five different rooms, plus an entry room where you'll be introduced to the theme park WIP and its owner!

Room #1: Ancient Statue (enemy) Puzzle
Here you'll have to use the statue enemies in a creative way to solve a puzzle with several buttons!

Room #2: A Key + Monkeys
Here you need a key to get to the next room. Only problem is, there are a bunch of monkeys also wanting the key, and they won't let you have it! You'll have to kill the right monkey before he throws the key to one of his friends.

Room #3: Path Puzzle
In this puzzle there will be statues (or other things), which you can move around in the past, that will fall in different direction in the present. With this knowledge, you have to push the right statue to the right place in order to fill a series of holes in your path to the next room!

Room #4: Combat Room
The puzzle here has long since stopped working, and instead you'll have to battle a series of enemies.

Room #5: Phase Shifting
A puzzle room originally sponsored by the crew at the Flying Fortress, now it's an advanced phase shifting puzzle where you have to shift through time!

As always, typically of Pixel Ferrets, we've probably overdone this a bit - turning our vague encounter & 1-2 puzzle cave into a ancient half completed theme park-ish thing! However, there aren't that many rooms, and the mechanics will hopefully be kind of straight forward (here's to hoping)! :)
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