Mixed Bag

 Today I've been focusing on the Tai Ming zone 1 fixes we talked about earlier! First up, adding another statue that gets pushed back and forth by our ancient stone cutter:

This new statue also has a version in the present:

I also added the remains of the path for the statue you can push around in the past:

Something else I worked on that's related to zone 1 (among other zones), is the look of the windows! From outside, they look like this:

And inside, they look like this:

And while it's OK that they're not 100% the same, I think the differences between them were a bit too big! The glass should at least be divided equally, right? ..Thinking about it, I'm not sure it's a great idea that there's glass in these windows to begin with! Maybe it'd be cooler and feel more old without it, which it kind of looks like from the outdoors anyway? I'll have to talk to my fellow Pixel Ferrets about that, I guess!

Anyway, after fixing the windows a bit, here's the new indoor version (for now):

Another super small fix: adding proper grass above the door. When it got animated, the door was placed above the house, and the decorative grass edge ended up beneath it. To fix this I went into the animation and copy-pasted the grass on top of each animated door frame:

And finally, in zone 2, the stairway to Granny's house has been removed, so now you gotta make your own way there! :)

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