Monkey Madness: A Preview

Are you ready for some super early Monkey previews? Good, cause here they are:

So as always, this is a very early prototype. For instance, we feel like the throw is a bit too high, so it won't be that extreme once these guys are implemented for real! It also shouldn't turn into a brawler bot as it attacks you... ;)

Anyway, so the monkey has two attacks: it can hit you or it can throw another enemy at you. 

Each enemy it throws will have have a different kind of impact as it lands: the statue sends shockwaves in 4 directions, the plant releases a ton of seeds, and the thorn-worms will simply do a ton of damage. 

Oh yeah, right now the thorn worm don't have the proper sprite for when they're carried, so they kind of look like silly Digletts getting carried around, but in the future they will be rolled up!

You might wonder why we didn't implement this enemy before releasing the first zone, but the answer is simple: it doesn't appear until you've completed a (mandatory) quest in the second zone :)

Hope you look forward to it mixing things up!
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