Portrait of a Collector Guy

My adventures with portrait making continues! Honestly, every time I make a new portrait, there's something new I learn or a new problem that appears, it's such a roller coaster. I hope by the end of this project, my skill and consistency will have improved enough that I'll be able to go back and fix or edit the portraits to a decent enough level!

Some portraits just work out better than others, and some I almost dislike too much to post at all. But I know I can't keep reworking and editing each portrait forever, so the best thing to do is to continue ahead and look back later, when you have more experience.

With that said, this isn't one of my least favorites, though I believe his shoulders look a bit weird (and who knows whether it's apparent it's a guy or not)! ;)

Once again I tried to focus on the Asian theme. Kind of embracing it now before I run out of Tai Ming characters! Unless we come up with more there's 11 left - but at least three of them are visitors from the Flying Fortress, so they will be designed quite differently!

Okay, that's it for this guy, onwards to more portrait practice!! See you later :D
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  1. Seems a bit... necky?

    1. Yeah, his neck is a bit long! Maybe we should call him Giraffe until the next portrait fix? :)