Post-Patch Discussion

Yesterday we had a meeting where we discussed the first Tai Ming map and all the feedback we received. As some (or many of you) have noticed, it turned out that finding your way back to the locked door in present time after looting the key was a bit more difficult than expected!

At first we thought we'd solve this by adding the option to examine the rubble blocking your way, giving you a hint that you could move it somehow. However, after talking about it yesterday, we decided to try something else first, that's a bit less in your face.

First, we want to add a NPC that's moving a(nother) statue back and forth higher on the map. Hopefully this will make players realize you can move the statues around if you try it.

Second, we're gonna add remnants of the path you can push the statue through in the present day, to nudge your brain in the direction that maybe there's something you can do with the rubble.

We also talked about the second zone, and how to prioritize the work there. I've already begun working on some interior design ("Granny's House", the past version which you've already seen), but we thought it's better for me to start working on the present version of the outdoors instead, so Teddy can start adding the time travel effects there properly.

We also decided to remove the stairway to the above mentioned Granny's house, and have the player build a path with wooden blocks instead - kind of like in the temple of seasons but a bit less difficult hopefully... :)

On that note, as you might remember (or not?), I previously talked about giving the islands more of an organic shape, adding curves and whatnot to them. Well, we officially decided to scrap that for now, and keep them straight like they are.

We have many reasons for this: first, it saves a lot of time when adding water edge animations: we could just reuse the same parts instead of having to make unique ones for every curve of the cliffs. Second, it makes it easier to move the wooden blocks around, both as a player and actually implementing the mechanic!

As a bonus, we've also started talking about and vaguely designed the map that will be above the western Evergrind Fields (above the farm). Once we finish Tai Ming and start working on the desert, this will be the only "dead end" on the map, and since we'd like to remove those annoying dead end messages as soon as possible I thought I'd throw this map together at some point in the near future.

Basically it's just gonna be a quiet forest map with some long-forgotten ruins, which you can't really activate or do anything with until you've gotten to that part in the story, so there's no real reason to wait!

There's still a ton of work left, but I can actually start to see it all coming together now. Soon, there will be no more "this road leads to somewhere that's not implemented yet), and that is a huge milestone IMO! Super excited :D
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1 comment:

  1. Very nice to hear that.

    I played through the first Tai Ming map myself and let me tell you: That was fun! Very well designed. Great boss, great enemies, nice conversations.

    As for the second part I'd love to see a few more puzzles where oyu influence a lot more in the past.
    And as I mentioned before I'd like to see a phase shift puzzle in Tai Ming as well, maybe in a cave leading from the second part for example which is under construction in the past and thus not accessible but which you can enter in the present. You'll need to get something from there, maybe a key card to enter the basement of the science building or something like that.
    Another idea would be that the cave is inhabited by the giant worm in the past which we need to get rid of and this allows the people to start building the phase shift rooms - an attraction for the city after the prototypes were tested back in Mt Bloom (which we played through).
    As I mentioned despite completing a bit of these back in Mt Bloom it would be a shame if they weren't used again later and Tai Ming is a perfect place for that. Plus it woul change the "dungeon" up even more so. :)

    Anyways, great work.
    One last suggestion idea (I'm probably going to post them on the forum as well): The thrid part is the shrine. From what I understand it's a temple and while the entire village is the dungeon so to speak maybe it would be cool to actualy enter the shrine and do a bit of stuff inside there before fighting the final boss. :D

    Ancient ruins in a forest, eh? I have a feeling it's going to be the 5th and final dungeon of the game: An ancient underground ruin/ temple with traps and eldritch evils guarding its secrets and in its deepest chamber one can revive the dead with the help of 4 artecfacts. ;) :D Let's see if I'm right.