Tai Ming Zone02 - The Inn F1 (Present)

And now it's time to transform the past version of the Inn to its present, abandoned state! My goal here is to make everything look old, as always, but also to make room for a fight (as there will be some fighting taking place here in the future)

The Inn in the Past
First up, I dull the colors of the walls and floor. I also remove the bar, so there will be more space for fighting. The wall decorations have mostly been lost to time, but you can still see where they've been:

Next up, I move the bar stools around, break a few of them, and start working on the tables and carpets. Since there will be a fight here, I make sure you can now walk on top of the tables by removing their legs:

Finally, the shelf and some details. The shelf has become mostly empty, with some spiders nesting where the liquor used to be. Some bottles remain, scattered throughout the inn. There's also moss growing on the wooden walls:

And finally, a GIF of the progress:

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