Zone02 - Present, Part I

SO! Let's begin transforming these islands to their present, ruined versions! In this first post, I'll be focusing on the entrance island, and the old lady's island next to it. 

Before we begin, here's the past state of the islands, as a little reminder:

Now, my first step is to deal with the ground, since its base color will affect the color scheme of everything else (the props have to look good against the background, after all):

In this second step, I've continued working on the ground, with grass growing over the paths. I've also ruined the statues, with one of the female statues destroyed and the other worn by time:

Next, start working on the bridges. They've lost their color, and the top bridge has broken, just like the right one in the past! I also started working on the ground on the small island, which I hadn't touched yet:

For the sign next to the bridges, I decided to go for time wearing the paper off almost completely, showing a wooden surface underneath. It has also lost its colors, pretty much like the bridges:

Then I start working on the walls surrounding the entrance island! While this color change might not make that much sense in the real world, I think it works well here. Not only have the walls become worn down and broken, with holes here and there, it's also become darker and has adopted a more sinister color scheme. While not exactly intended to be rust, I think the red hues of the upper part of the walls make you think along those lines:

Now, with the entrance island pretty much done, it's time to start working on Granny's island for real. Starting with darkening the shades and tuning down those vibrant colors:

Since this old lady loves plants (which we've already seen on the interior versions), I thought it would be cool to have the plants show up on the outside as well - having kind of taken over the house, if you will:

Adding a few flowers to the vines, to match them with the vines inside:

Finally, adding more present-only props with our editor, and removing those that were past-only. While this isn't exactly how it'll appear in the game (some of the trees will have grown larger, etc), it gives you the basic idea:

And here's the GIF process of the whole thing, including some bonus steps! Thanks for reading :)

(After finishing these islands, I quickly realized I should have added more cracks and worn look to the Granny's house - especially to the roof! I'd also like to add more vines. So I'll probably return to this later, in one of those "Mixed Bag" posts!)
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