Zone02 - Present, Part II

Continuing where we left off yesterday, it's time to move to the Inn Island, and work on demolishing things there! As usual, here's a reminder of what the place looked like before I started *ahem* ruining things: 

Like yesterday, we begin with changing the ground color to a darker, duller shade:

...and making sure the grass grows over the path here and there, losing the stones to time:

Next up, recoloring props! Here I've worked on the walls (which basically just got a color change and some cracks & holes borrowed from the walls from yesterday), the bridge, the sign and the barrels:

Then it's time to ruin the house, adding plenty of cracks to the walls to make up for the lack of cracks yesterday:

As for the other house, I decide to make it in the same style as Sizou's house in the first zone, completely bare:

...and since you have no business going into this house, there's a bunch of rubble barring the way:

I'm actually not super excited with the way this building looks (too much darkness on the inside), so I might return to this and actually add remnants of the interior, or ruin the wall closest to us, or add some trash or vines working as part of a roof, or something! We'll see!

Anyway, here's the last part, adding new present-only props and moving some things around with the editor:

And of course, the mandatory step-by-step GIF! :) 

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