Zone02 - Present, Part III

Okay, returning to the outdoors! This time I'm gonna demolish the area around the ape lab, which looked like this in the past:

For the present, it's pretty much the same as with the previous outdoors: darken the colors, add cracks and more plants. Beginning with the ground:

Next up, the surrounding props! The bridge has fallen to disrepair, with only a few planks left. No way of crossing there, in other words. For the Monkey sign, I fade the colors, turning the bright red into a more wood-like color, as time has worn the paint and brightness away. Same with the market stands, which now are empty:

For the house, I darken the colors and add a bunch of cracks. I still haven't decided what to do with the chimneys: perhaps I'll break some of them altogether? Since I'm not sure what the insides will look like yet, I'll probably have to go back to this house later and add or change things that will work well with the interior - perhaps breaking a window or two:

Finally, I add more props with our editor (again, this is not exactly how it'll look in the end, as the game engine will transform some of these items into their proper Present versions), and fix the pathway which has become partly overgrown: 

And here's a GIF of the entire thing, plus many of the smaller steps: 

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