Zone02 - Present, Part IV

Time for the last outdoor transformation post for a little while! I'm moving back to doing interiors until we've finished designing a certain boss fight...

But more on that later - first, let's take a look at the top left part of the map:

This part of the map features what we currently call the "government building", and a small graveyard. As always, my first step is to fix the ground color - this was actually automatically done when I changed colors on the previous parts of this island, as they're all part of the same layer. So, changing the color on one part of the island changes it everywhere on the island :)

Next, the building itself. As with the lab from yesterday, I don't know exactly what the inside will look like, as I haven't created it yet. So chances are I'll go back and change things around with the exterior once I know what's gonna take place indoors. For now though, some general cracks & dulled down colors.

As for the graveyard, there needs to be more graves added (time has passed, and life is short, a fact that's also true for most people in Grindea), and they also need to become more worn. The statue watching over them should show some signs of wear as well: moss and a couple more cracks.

Finally, I add more trees and bamboo with the editor, as well as a few details here and there - for instance, closing off the cave, which will only be accessible in the past after you find the correct key :)


Now, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I'll pause the demolition of the outdoors for now, until we've prototyped a boss fight. Since the only area I haven't been working on yet is the HQ, I'm sure you might be able to guess that there will be a boss fight taking place in the courtyard of the HQ! 

The reason I don't want to transform the area is because we're not sure if it's big enough yet -it's kind of important that you can move freely during boss fights, especially if you're doing multiplayer with 4 people. Chances are I'll have to remake part of the HQ courtyard if we realize the area we picked isn't big enough, so instead I'll focus on other things until we've tried the boss fight out in a placeholder courtyard.

Anyway! As always, here's a GIF showing the entire work in progress, as well as many of the tiny steps (I'll begin recording videos again once I need to create more items from scratch - I haven't really been making a lot of new props during these past-to-present transformations so far):

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  1. Why crucifixes?

    1. Followers of Grindea often bury their deceased beneath a cross-like shape, both in the past as well as more recent times. Unfortunately, any records of how and why the tradition started has been lost to time, but perhaps it's still out there somewhere - hidden in an ancient text that you may or may not find throughout your travels... :)

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. I'm really looking forward to explore this map. :)

  3. just discovered your excellent blog today.

    very interesting to see the step-by-step process of artistic creation and the thinking behind creative choices.

    many thanks for blogging these & looking forward to SoG's full release!