Portrait of a Potion Salesman

Note: This will be the last blog post until next week. Yes, I'm actually gonna take a couple days off! CRAZY right? I actually haven't had a single day off this year, unless you count the time we spent taking care of our cat Link when he went back and forth between our home and the animal hospital earlier this year (not exactly a relaxing time). 

So, I'm gonna take a few days to try and enjoy what's left of summer and try to recharge these batteries! The blog will be back as usual on Sunday 28th :D


Now that that's been taken care of: here's another new character - a potion salesman in Tai Ming:

When I made this guy (yes, it's a he - or it's supposed to be, anyway), I had some a vision of some kind of mix between Remedi the alchemist in Evergrind City, and a vampire. Yeah I know, don't ask where these ideas come from. I have no idea!

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