Puzzle Cave Preview

Remember I talked about the puzzle cave design a while back? The prototyping has officially begun, and here is our very first in house testing of two of the puzzles!

The first one is the phase shift challenge, where you'll phase through time to reach your goal. For this puzzle, you have to move mirror blocks around both in the past and the present in order to reach your goal. When we make the correct graphics for this, we'll have to make some kind of indicator for where the time rift is on the puzzle (currently simple blue u-shapes in this sketch version):

This is actually already the second iteration of this phase puzzle. The first one turned out to be more complicated than we first thought, even though the solution itself really wasn't. The problem was that going back and forth in time really confused our brains (and, I admit, mine was the worst - I just panicked trying to figure out what to do, without finding a solution at all - ha)! So, we had to make the puzzle a bit easier. I guess we'll save the mind-warping ones for an optional puzzle somewhere :)

Next up - the statue puzzle. Here you have to push some statues around, trying to figure our which one to move where. The only way of doing this is to cross check between the past and the present: where do I need to move statue x in order for it to hit button y as it falls? There's also a hole that needs filling, and a cage of some sort holding a statue that needs to be released (currently illustrated by a barrel, hehe):

I'm currently very positive about these puzzles - they make you think a little, but they're not too hard to solve once you know what to do! Definitely looking forward to completing this puzzle cave and give it some proper artwork :)
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