Tai Ming Zone 02 - Administration House (Present)

Moving on to the present version, this building is pretty much the same - only less clean. And the carpets broke, as it seems they tend to do?!

Present Version

While Tessen's house resembled her old home in Tai Ming's first zone, this building is supposed to hint back at the left house next to the exit of that same zone. Like this place, it was a place of administration, only difference is this building deals with the actual villagers of Tai Ming, while the one in zone01 dealt with visitors and people wanting to enter the city for the first time. 


So, as with Tessen's house, I reused a bunch of things from its predecessor, such as the green colors, and actual props like the couches and pinboard. I also made a new variant of the desk, facing sideways rather than down, like rest of them, to fit this room!

The chests in the past are purple, like all past chests are supposed to be in Tai Ming! Right now I think the chests in the beta are the regular brown because of miscommunication (unless it's been fixed lately without me noticing). In the present they'll be brown, due to their color fading :)

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