Tai Ming Zone 02 - Tessen's House

Time to move on to the next house! This one belongs to Tessen, the young girl you met in the first map of Tai Ming. She has now grown up to be a young lady, living in her own house in the second zone.

When making this map, I wanted it to resemble her grandfather's home in the first zone, so before making the sketch I knew I wanted to bring some of those items along here, to give the player a sense of recognition (hopefully). 

Since I created a lot of interiors at this stage already, I didn't get to create so many new things for this room. Instead I brought in previous items, or tweaked old ones to fit my needs. Unless we reused a bunch of stuff in new ways, creating this game would probably take much longer, so it's good to keep in mind what previous props you've made, in order to reuse them efficiently!

For this house, the main thing I made, that hadn't been made before, is this doorway to the right: 

All the other houses had their entrance from the ground level, so there hadn't been a doorway to the sides made yet! I actually hadn't thought about that, hehe~

The rest of the items are either brought in the way they were (the painting, bookcase, bed and lower right box have been added from her grandpa Sizou's house), or resized and/or recolored (the carpets, bedside table, etc).

As such, this GIF of the work in progress may not exactly be super interesting, as it's basically just adding in one thing after another:

But in either case, I'm happy with the end result and I think Tessen would feel at home living here:

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