Tai Ming Zone02 - HQ Battleground

As I (probably) mentioned before, the giant Thorn-Worm boss fight will take place outside the HQ! But as you can see below, this place is already filled with training dummies and boxes! Things that will most definitely disrupt your fight in an annoying way:

So, in order to solve this, while still keeping the fight area somewhat decorated, I made a version of the area where the giant Thorn-Worm's you'll battle have trashed the area, leaving the dummies and boxes in ruins. The progress of doing this can be viewed in the video below:

Basically, I create a bunch of smaller parts of each of the props and tear up the Collector banners. Some of the pieces are taken from the crate- and barrel break animations and adjusted slightly colorwise. These parts are almost all small enough that you can walk over them without hitting a collider, and those that are bigger are placed near the edges of the area where it's unlikely you'll run around a lot.

We haven't tested this new background with the actual boss fight yet, so if it looks weird in any way (like the Thorn-Worm animations overlapping the decorations in odd ways), we might move things further to the sides or remove some stuff completely. For now though, this is the final result:

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