Mixed Bag!

As I draw closer to finishing my part of the work on Tai Ming's second zone, more tiny fixes are needed, and so there's another mixed bag post!

First up, updating the past HQ banners to reflect the fact that the chests in Tai Ming will, in fact, be purple: 

We've also decided to have one big cage rather than two small inside the monkey lab, with two monkeys in them instead of having one empty and one with just one monkey:

As you can see, we also added some cracks to illustrate where a hole will be in the present, as well!

Next, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to Tai Ming-ify the doors inside the ancient Collector's HQ a bit, so I added some fancy door frame decorations to them: 

Also, just for fun and some flavor, an optional chest has appeared in Tai Ming's present state! But however will you be able to reach it with all the rocks blocking the way?

Finally, another flavor - a puddle of wine on the floor where the wine barrel is placed when you travel back and forth in time. Basically, leave the wine barrel in the top right corner in the past and there will be a wine puddle in the top right corner in the present, and so on. Just for fun! :)

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