Mixed Bag

Time to do one of these mixed bag posts again, where I show you some stuff I've gone back to fix from previous posts, or just new additions that aren't big enough to get a post of their own!
First up, some items for the monkey lab! Most of these items (except for the lever to the left) were made by Fred, who sent 'em on to me to dull them down so they fit with the graphics of the present:

Next, after Fred finished adding some NPCs to the inn (left), I took over and added some props to suit them. Can't have them sit at empty tables, right? The girl is a bit underage, so instead of drinking she's having a meal while studying hard to become a Collector like her sister (which will also be added to the table later on). 

Faita, the sword teacher from the first zone, is kind of drowning her disbelief at being second best at everything with a glass of unnamed alcohol (or is it soda?) ;)

Meanwhile, instead of cleaning up the bar, Montbel the owner (who isn't present in the picture) has left all kinds of bottles and bowls on it for visual effect. 'Aint he nice?

After deciding to save some time by reusing the vines you climb in the Temple of Seasons rather than having Fred make completely new ones, we quickly decided the dirt patch I made don't quite match their size:

So, I went back and moved things around and repainted the dirt until it looked a bit better (though we might change the color of the dirt on the vines a little bit to better match the color of dirt in Tai Ming as opposed to the Temple of Seasons):

And the present version:

In order to make the Puzzle World experience more straight forward (and reduce the amount of rooms we need to make and implement), we also added a blockade in the first puzzle room of the theme park, blocking your way back to the entrance room in present time. Since the entrance serves no purpose in this timeline (and the way out of there is blocked anyway - the door is closed in the present age), creating a present version of the room would only serve to add more work and little gain. And so, the blockade: 

We also decided to change the design of the left platform of the Phase Shift room of Puzzle World a little, as the previous version was a little hard to read for some people. The previous version is to the left, the new version to the right:

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