Puzzle World Fixing

Time for one of those mixed bags, of sorts! Before moving on to making the first present version of the Puzzle World rooms, I wanted to fix a few things in the rooms that were made already. Just some tiny stuff, but some things that I feel will improve the area a bit.

First up, moving the question mark poster to the front - in the back it could be anything, and I think it's unnecessary to confuse players about it:

Next. adding some balloons. I mean, it's a theme park, after all - so it's not really complete without a few balloons. Right? 

Third, in the original sketch I had a "cool effect" around the first door of the theme park, which felt a bit redundant after I completed the rest of the room. However, after giving it some thought, I wanted to try creating it after all - in the worst case we'll simply remove the effect again, but for now I kind of like it:

Here's the first room after these changes:

Finally, in the last post I mentioned some half- finished puzzle blocks that would lie around in the second room (the first actual puzzle room). So I went ahead and made some:

These puzzle blocks are made in wood and are supposed to be based on the 'real' puzzle blocks you find out and about in the world of Grindea. However, I chose to make these in wood so that when you travel to the present to fight enemies, there aren't a bunch of puzzle blocks blocking your way as you battle - they have decayed and only planks will be left on the floor, which have no colliders. 

It also serves to remind people that the guy who build this theme park is kind of cheap and would rather build the puzzle blocks in a cheap material than order the more expensive plastic- or stone versions... ;)

Finished version of the room:

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