Puzzle World - Phase Shift Room (Past)

This room in Puzzle World is a little bit different - as you can see. It's been sponsored by the Flying Fortress crew, and so it has been decorated to look like a room in Flying Fortress - only with wallpapers and a fake floor... :)

When creating this room, I had two options. Either I use the already-made texture of the Flying Fortress walls & floor, or I make a new one. It's likely people wouldn't be able to tell the difference, since it was so long since you went through the Flying Fortress in the main story - but I still opted to make new graphics. 

I did this for two reasons: one, it gave me the opportunity to make the texture look even more like a wallpaper texture - instead of looking exactly like it does in Flying Fortress (which is built of what's at least supposed to be real rocks), I could make a softer texture which would be easier to pass off as wallpaper. Second, the Flying Fortress graphics are very old at this point, and I worried that adding such an old texture among all the new stuff would look jarring - I've developed a lot as an artist since that time, so the difference in quality and style is quite big. 

The smaller screen to the right will hold a message about the room being sponsored by the Flying Fortress - the big one to the right will either have something cool animated by Fred, or a graphic representation of the flying Fortress made by me. Or maybe a graphic representation of the Flying Fortress made by Fred or something cool (non-animated) made by me - who knows! :)

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