Puzzle World Room #1 - Introduction

And now.... It's time to begin! Using the sketches from last week, I'm going to create the backgrounds for each of the Puzzle World rooms. It's gonna be a lot of fun, since this place will be totally different from everything else in Tai Ming graphics wise: bright colors and crazy color combinations everywhere! Wohoo!

Here's a slightly better sketch of the first room, compared to the one from last week:

And to celebrate a completely new set of graphics, here's a video showing the process of creating this room! Videos are definitely more fun to do when there are a lot of new graphics involved, so I'll probably do one or two graphics for each new area, rather than spam a ton of videos of me recoloring and reshaping previously made objects from now on:

And here's the final result - at least for now! I think we'll end up adding some balloons, and maybe a few more decorations before this is done:

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  1. What's the music in the video?

    1. It's a free song from Senses Circuit (http://www.senses-circuit.com/) :)