Puzzle World Room #2 - Statue Puzzle (Present)

And now, the work on Puzzle World continues! Today we're gonna transform the Statue Room into it's sorry present state. Since this will be the first room to be turned into a present version, it's extra important to get everything right since a bunch of the props, such as the planks, will be reused in upcoming rooms. 

Here's a GIF showing the process:

As usual with transforming rooms or environments from past (fresh & new) to present (old and worn), most of it is changing colors. But just turning a bright yellow into a dull brown won't cut it in many cases, such as the door: as wood grows old, it will get worn down and cracks may appear. Therefore I added more lines in the wood, as well as holes here and there, where I imagine the wood has been broken over time. 

Often with art I feel like the saying "less is more" simply isn't true. Many times I feel like something already looks worn enough after just changing the colors around, but once I actually try adding more cracks & details to it, it ends up looking better anyway. This is why I often return to previous rooms or areas and add more details sometimes long after I "finished" them - after a while I simply realize what I made before just wasn't as detailed and cool as I first thought. Sometimes you do need to take a break from it to really see it, though :)

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