Tai Ming Zone02 - The Ancient HQ

Today is my birthday! Wohoo! To celebrate, here's the ancient HQ background, which I've been working on lately :)

When designing this place, I wanted it to resemble the Collector's HQ in Evergrind City, only smaller since it doesn't make sense for it to be as big gameplay wise (you won't really do anything in here except fetch a quest or two). So let's take a look at what the Evergrind City HQ looks like:

Okay! Next up, I made a sketch of what I'd like the layout to look like (as always, true AAA sketching here, very detailed etc (nope not really) ;))

And then I just started adding stuff! A GIF of the process can be seen here, but it's really mostly addinng previous props from various places and adjustim them as I go. I also changed the size of the room to be smaller, as it felt kind of huge when I added the game's camera to test the size:

Finally, here's the end result:

I'm considering editing the doors a bit so they'll fit in better with the Tai Ming theme. Also, there will be guards placed outside the doors like in Evergrind City, so you won't be able to enter (though I guess it's kind of rare to be able to walk through closed doors in the game anyway). The doors are only there to make the place seem bigger than it is, really!
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  1. This random internet stranger wishes you a happy B-day!

    Looking forward to Tai Ming's completion!