Tai Ming Zone02 - Exit (Present)

It's time for the final part of the transformation between the second zone of Tai Ming's past and present versions: the exit! First up, a small reminder of what this place looked like before I began:

And here's a GIF of the process:

I'd say the main focus on this part of the job was the doorway to the third zone. In the past version, the door is open: here it needs to be closed, until you've gathered 3 emblems that activates the door opening mechanism. So, the emblems of the past needed to be removed, the door lowered, and some kind of ruin added to the whole thing. 

In the end, I also had to add a ton of stuff in the editor to serve as colliders: this part of the area will be blocked unless you get here from the right time rift. Right not some of the items aren't correctly sorted, but they will be once the game engine does its work! 

It's likely I'll add more stuff here later if we feel like the blockade is too thin, but that will be in a future mixed bag update, in that case :)

Here's the final result, for now: 

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