Tai Ming Zone02 - The Monkey Lab (Past)

Okay, it's time to return to backgrounds for a while! And here's the monkey lab, finally, starting with a rough sketch:

Before designing this place, I had a talk with Fred and Teddy about what level of technology we wanted this place to have. We had plenty of options: we could either go full Flying Fortress style with lasers and very high technology, or we could go more primitive and ancient-oriented.

Since we wanted this area to feel quite modern for Tai Ming (making it stand out and all), we decided to keep it kind of high-tech, but not Flying Fortress laser-level. So we'll have steel bars, lots of documentation, some glass vials and strange potions, some which will be animated and added later on by Fred!

Here's the process of bringing the sketch version into it's final state:

And here's a detail GIF of creating the shelf:

...and another one featuring the cages (where they keep at least one monkey, hence the wip-name 'monkey lab'):

Final version:

Looking forward to seeing NPCs, monkey(s) and animated vials add some life to this place! :)
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