Mixed Bag

And now, another quick & dirty Mixed bag, with the last bunch of improvements!
First up, adding some more floor decoration to the fighting room: namely, a set of old orange pennants:

Because of how I plan to design the statue(s), that will be used for the puzzle in the previous room, I needed to make the hole there slightly larger:

I also added a bit of extra decoration to the Phase Shift room, in the form of some rolls of wallpaper and a paint roller:

In order to make it clear that you can go over the edge of the roof you'll climb onto in the second zone, we decided to remove a part of the edge completely. Now you won't have to worry whether the colliders will stop you or not:

Finally, we decided to remove the tiny roof to the right of the same house in present time, to make it more clear that you can pass between the house and the colliders to the right in order to get to the graveyard above:

As you can tell, lots of small edits: it's what happens when you actually start going around in-game and realize things look different when you're actually interacting with them (or just passing them by) inside the game engine! Never assume the first version of anything you make for a game will - or should - be the final one :)
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