Puzzle World - Phase Shift Room (Present)

Since Puzzle World's Phase Shift room involves phasing through time, it's time to make a present version!

Since this room is already quite gloomy to begin with, it was a bit of a challenge to darken and dull the colors down without everything becoming too dark. Instead of going too crazy with the darkening effects, I decided to ruin more of the wallpaper around the areas where you'll run around, having the real wall show through. 

After finishing the past version of the Phase Shift room that I posted on the blog earlier, I added a pair of boxes that block the exit to the right. In this version however, the boxes are moved (since you enter the room in this timeline) and instead block your path to the top part of the room. To get there, you'll need to complete the phase shift puzzle!

I am unsure of whether the screens should be activated in this version or not - on one hand it helps add to the feeling of the place being abandoned, on the other it's probably not as cool as some kind of error message showing up. What do you guys think?

Either case, here's the finished version for now:

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  1. The error message is a good idea, but it also has to be handled correctly. It can't show a blue screen for few hundreds (?) years, right? Like, how would that be powered?

    So the screen should be inactive when you first enter the room, but then it'd try to run after a certain player's action. However it would then fail to initialize and show an error message. Adding some cracks and holes to the screen could be a nice touch too.

    1. That sounds like a cool idea for sure :D