Puzzle World Room #3 - Battle Room

And now, a battle room! As you might guess from the name, this is where a bunch of battles will take place, likely an encounter with several waves (though we haven't decided on any specifics yet).

For this room, I kind of wanted to add a mascot of some sort. A lot of theme parks use mascots here and there for decoration, and I thought this place shouldn't be no different. And what better shape than a puzzle piece? Perhaps I should add some more, maybe of different shapes and colors, to other rooms!

The floor is kind of bare in this room, as it's a fighting room and we don't want you to run into a bunch of colliders as you battle (cause that's super annoying). I did add some boxes to the corners though, since I didn't want the room to look completely empty. Since this place was never really finished, I think it makes sense that boxes with supplies for the continued development of the theme park still remain here and there.

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