Tai Ming Outdoor Scene: Part 1

Today I've gone back outside, in a way, making the final area of Puzzle World! As you can see from the preview picture, it has very little to do with Puzzle World itself, though...

Instead, it's an outdoor area where you'll have to find an item for a quest. Part of the area will be looking over the sea, with the Pillar Mountains (among other things) in the background. Because of how incredibly long it took to paint the backdrop, the video I recorded got super long, so I decided to divide it in parts.

This first part is all about the actual area your character will be able to move around in. It consists of the same type of environmental decorations as the Mount Bloom outskirts, with the addition of some rocks and details from Evergrind Fields and Tai Ming.

Here's the area after this first part was completed:

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