Tai Ming Zone02 Expressions, Part 1

And now, for something completely different: expression! Tai Ming's second zone is quite cutscene and character heavy, so there's a loooot of expressions that need to be made. This is actually just the first of four parts, so be ready for a bunch!

First up is Tessen, the little girl from the first zone who has grown up to become a young priestess of Grindea:

She's both happy to see you, and has some serious worries on her mind. Wonder what those are about..

Next up, Zhamla:

Since his adoptive father's speech about being strong, Zhamlas life has taken quite a serious turn, and unfortunately there's not a lot of room for positive emotions in his life nowadays. 

Speaking of adoptive fathers, Zisou's life has actually become a bit more lax these days, so he can afford a smile or two - but there's still room for some quite serious expressions in there as well: 

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