Tai Ming Zone02 - Mixed Bag I

Okay, we're moving ever closer to releasing the second part of Tai Ming, and so I've been busting out a ton of tiny additions and fixes to bring it all together!

I mentioned before that I was gonna make standing versions of the old and worn statues. This is pretty much to make it easier on us, as we don't want to worry about where to put which statue if two would fall on top of each other. Instead, they'll remain upright!

One key part of the puzzle is to deal with the glass box somehow, and so I had to make a version of it that's completely smashed as well! Some pretty fun stuff, lots of glass pieces :)

This grave has a bunch of flowers that stand out from the rest, and it's for good reason, relating to a quest! :)

This bottle is related to a quest as well, and comes in two versions: an empty version and a full, with an added label to boot!

This room felt a little too clean, so I went back to it and added a bunch of planks and the remains of the poor old flowers. Likely nothing would remain of the plant this long since it died, but as long as it looks better this way, I'm all for it ;)

Finally, a bunch of changes or edits to a bunch of the characters and/or expressions:

Zhamla's yell looked a bit weird with so much teeth, so I edited it a bit. 

The Greedy businessman got a golden tooth...

...and the painter from the first zone got a slightly older looking portrait!

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