Tai Ming Zone02 - Mixed Bag II

Second part of the final bunch of Tai Ming Zone02 Mixed Bags! 

First, I added a bunch of rocks surrounding a box in the water next to what we call "Granny's house". This is to signify that you cannot move this box (while you can move a bunch of others).

The current box also looked a bit too fresh and clean for the present version, so I made another version of the box(es) to suit the time jump better!

There's a strange puzzle in the upper parts of this map (which isn't completely shown in this picture), and one part to the puzzle is that you cannot move things around in the present. As such, I made a version of the puzzle block that wasn't able to withstand the test of time, and has crumbled too much for you to be able to push it around (video game logic)!

Seeing as the alcoholic beverage hidden in this room was turned into an ale rather than a wine, I changed the color to better suit the drink in question!

This area, currently occupied by a bunch of Flying Fortress outsiders looked incredibly empty, so we decided to add a bunch of extra Flying Fortress-related props surrounding them for some flavor!

While Bag has made do with the same faces for a long, long time, it was finally time to add another couple of expression! Well, in fact, we just needed the one, but due to some miscommunication I misunderstood the mood asked for, and we ended up with two instead! Maybe the other one will have some use in the future... :) 

This lady isn't too happy about her daughter being interested in the strange Flying Fortress people visiting town, so she had to get a more displeased expression as well!

Finally, two new zone titles: one for the second zone and one for the third (which I, as I write this post, have actually started working on already! Wohoo!)

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