Tai Ming Zone02 Sneak Peek

Today we got to do something awesome: we actually play tested Tai Ming's second zone!! It's true, after many months of working on this place, Teddy put enough together that it was possible for us to run through almost the entire zone, with the exception of Puzzle World.

There are no encounters yet, but it's possible to talk to every NPC and complete all the quests. For me it took about 45 minutes, and given that's not even counting Puzzle World, I think its safe to say that this "temple" will be pretty huge in total :)

After running through the entire thing each of us took notes on things we liked and things we wanted to change, as well as any bugs we found. Tomorrow we'll sit down and go through our notes deciding on what parts we'll change, so there's bound to be a couple of Mixed Bag posts in the near future featuring edits here and there!

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