Zone02 Sneak Peek #2

So, today we had another design meeting (as mentioned yesterday), where we talked about what we wanted to add or change with the second Tai Ming zone.

Luckily, we were mostly in agreement that very little needs to change - in truth we rather feel like Evergrind City needs to change, since this town is much more vibrant and alive compared to the capital... I guess we managed to overdo things as usual.

We mainly established what would be shown in the 2-3 flashback orbs we've planned on adding, which haven't been made yet. In these orbs more of Zhamlas story will be revealed. Who is this strange child/young man anyway?!

Not all characters have their final names in this version.. :)
We also made a list of graphical assets for me and Fred to add. My list mainly consists of a few new sprites here and there, a couple of expressions and an indicator on the lowest floor, which shows where you can push some boxes.

There's also some "minor" fixes, like making sure some of the portraits don't go outside the dialogue box, like below:

If adding the enemy encounters and Puzzle World go as smoothly, it shouldn't be long before this zone is actually finished! Wohoo :D
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