All about those sounds...

Those of you who have tried the new Tai Ming areas on Frontline have probably noticed a bunch of sound effects missing...

And that's because we haven't ordered them yet! So, the other day we decided to make a big list of all the sound effects we could possibly want, by playing the areas and writing down any sound effects that seemed to be missing.

After that, we went through the list and decided whether:

A) We should request a new sound effect
B) We already have a sound effect that could fit
C) It doesn't really need a sound effect after all

To make the list easier to read, we color coded the sound effects, as you can see here:

Red means we felt a sound effect was unnecessary, Orange means we'll use a previously made sound, and Blue means we'll ask for a new sound effect.

While we want to have a lot of sound effects in the game to make everything feel alive, sometimes it can get a little too much. Such as in the inn, where we at first had a 'eating noodles'-sound, a 'drinking'-sound, some ambience, and a 'sighing'-sound (for Faita). Playing all of those would likely make the inn a bit too noisy, so we decided against requesting all of them.

As we continue working on the third part of Tai Ming we definitely look forward to adding these sound effects! It's gonna make a huge difference to actually hear things as they happen, and we're very happy to work with amazing people who help us bring the world of Grindea to life through sound effects and music! A very important aspect of gamedev that should not be forgotten :)
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