Tai Ming 03: Shrine Hallway (Past)

Time to move into the sacred shrine! What could be hidden in here?

The first room is planned to be a room where you'll do some fighting and... well, not much else really! Here's the sketch:

Now, we haven't even planned on adding a flashback orb to this place, which means that technically, this room will only be viewed in the present (there will be no time rifts in this third part of Tai Ming). 

Because of this, I could have chosen to jump into doing the old and ruined stuff from the beginning, and completely skipped this step of making a past version. However, because we're known to change our minds a lot, and since it's a lot easier to start from something whole and ruin it after, than to start with something broken and paint it whole, I decided to make this version anyway!

Below is the finished result! Again, it's likely you won't even get to see this in the game, so I guess you could see it as a true behind-the-scenes treat ;) 

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