Tai Ming Zone03 - Shrine Decorations

Now that the base version of the Shrine exterior has been completed, it's time to think about the various ways we can spice this up and make it look more unique!

First, a reminder of where we left off yesterday:

Then, let's begin by adding some banners around the platform. Too much stone texture never made anyone happy, after all, so let's break it up with some cloth:

The cutscene you'll see here is all about celebration (which may or may not end in a strange way... but more on that later), so I added some pennants hanging from the roof as well:

There has to be some kind of light source around here, and what better than some lanterns? I add a bunch of them between the decorative cloth around the platform:

Next, the most fun part. Painting some bells! They felt like a nice addition to the sacred shrine, and may or may not chime as the celebrations proceed (we haven't discussed it in detail yet):

To make the parts of the shrine building that's behind the entrance look a little more interesting, I decided to remove the middle window and add a couple of statues instead, as well as some crates with flowers to decorate this holy place:

Finally, some additional flower decoration, to make the statue look less out of place against the floor, and add to the festive feeling:

And here it the map is, after all the decorations have been added! Looks a little more interesting now, I'd say:

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