Tai Ming Zone03 - The Shrine (Present)

As the years go by, even this sacred shrine is forgotten and doomed to fall into disrepair.

When last we left off, here's what the finished shrine looked like in the past (though in the end there will be a ton of people here as well):

Working on was pretty much a case of "how much of this can I ruin?" and then setting to work. The lanterns are broken or have fallen down, some of the pillars have fallen, there's some vines growing, the bells have fallen, statues have broken, cloth have ripped, and sometime in the past people began to move a lot of storage stuff outside of the shrine, leaving broken crates, jars and barrel there now.

There's still a lot of fun things I'd like to add, but at some point I had to stop myself, or I'd keep going on this for days! Maybe I'll go back and add some more stuff before everything gets implemented though :)

Feel free to share ideas on how to add further destruction to this map (so long as the building itself remains intact)!
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